JRuby demos from the JavaOne Script Bowl 2014

This past October I was invited to represent JRuby in the JavaOne 2014 "Script Bowl." A panel where community members from various projects which implement scripting languages on top of the JVM pitch their language to a live studio audience. This year's panel consisted of a members from the Groovy, Clojure and Scala communities, and me representing JRuby of course.

Agent Dero: Origin Story

My first excursion into the internet or as it was then known by newscasters, the information super highway, was courtesy of the University of Georgia. My mom had gone back to school and as part of her program, there were a number of new-fangled "online classes." We bought a 28.8 baud modem to go with our Macintosh LC III, in this year it was already 3-4 years old, and used the instructions distributed by the university to set up the Chooser to AppleTalk or some bullshit like that. Mac OS System 7.6 was not very internet friendly.

Croy Family Farms: Mid-season Report

Followers of mine on Twitter have no doubt seen photos and periodic reports from "Croy Family Farms," the tongue-in-cheek name of my backyard garden. I've not written or chronicled some of the experiences in any amount of depth, despite this (2014) being the third growing season I've been gardening. Unlike previous years, this year I'm keeping much better track of what is growing well, what isn't, and what different plants are yielding (with photos).

Go home Clipper, you're drunk

The Bay Area transit system is what could be compassionately referred to as a "clusterfuck." SFMTA, AC Transit, Samtrans, Caltrain, Golden Gate Transit, BART, to name a few of the agencies that immediately come to mind. That's not counting the agencies that run busses and light-rail further down towards Palot Alto, etc.

A loose collection of notes from Puppet training

Last week, Kohsuke and I participated in a Puppet training and consulting event on behalf of the Jenkins project. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, we both had some amount of Puppet knowledge going into the sessions, but neither of us had actually deployed a puppet master before, let alone used the Puppet Enterprise Console. I've written good bits of Puppet code, I've not made good use of Puppet though.

3 Elasticsearch nodes in 3 minutes

For one of my newer projects at Lookout, I've been experimenting with Elasticsearch as the primary data store. The advantages of Elasticsearch are many for my particular use-case, but one of the things I particularly like about it is the distributed nature of its design.