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  • Monterey for almost lunch
    After a brief hiatus, this past Saturday my instructor and I embarked on thenext part of my flight training: cross-country flying. Up until now, everythinghas been within 20-30nm (nautical miles) fromHayward (KHWD). I originally planned a flightup to Santa Rosa, but an airshow this weekendcaused me to look for alternative... read more
  • Climbing through the soup
    With increasingly foggy and overcast weekday mornings, my flight instructor andI have had a few missed lessons due to clouds. This past Tuesday he decided tofile an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flight plan to get us out of Hayward andto another part of the region with clearer skies.That in mind,... read more
  • Bouncing over to Concord
    After a completely stressful week filled with project deadlines and a summonsfor jury duty, this past Saturday I finally managed to get back up into theair. Like the weekend before it, which I neglected to blog about, I was flyingin yet another plane in the California Airways fleet. With a... read more
  • Floating over imaginary sod
    Wiping the crud from my sleepy 6am eyes, I shut off my alarm and grab my tabletoff the nightstand. As is becoming increasingly common, my days are startingwith weather before I even leave the bed. I open up the forecast for Hayward:clear skies, winds at 0 knots."Shit, I have to... read more
  • Landing in Seven Three..uh.. Eight Victor Uniform
    After almost ten days of foggy mornings and scheduling mishaps, I was finallyable to get back up into the air this morning, in738VU. Unfortunately theUgly Duckling has been having its annual maintenance done for the past week,leaving the California Airways fleet one plane short, and forcing yours trulyinto a less... read more
  • Sweating the Stall Stuff
    Thus far I've never received a dual lesson with my instructor on a Sunday, asit's his only day off. Today we managed to get up in the air on a Sundayafternoon for some instruction covering steep turns, stall recovery and spinprevention.I've taken the approach with my instructor that one would... read more
  • Reports of Quacking over Danville
    After a long week of entirely fogged in mornings, and therefore no flying,today was just about as perfect as it could possibly be. Unfortunately myinstructor was all booked, but that didn't prevent me from going for a flightby myself.The "twist" for today's lesson was that I would be departing the... read more
  • Making my own mistakes at 650ft
    This past weekend I went flying twice, something I've not yet done. Usually Ionly fly Saturdays because my instructor takes Sundays off, but this weekend Iwas on my own, allowing me to fly both days.My instructor had cleared me to practice solo pattern work atHayward (KHWD), with certain weatherrestrictions. On... read more
  • Looking for grease in Hayward
    As frustrated as I was with my performance in my lastlesson I was anxious toget back up in the air again today and prove to myself that I was capable ofgentle landings.For a myriad of reasons I won't go into here, I've not been sleeping welllately. Enough so that I... read more
  • Free Balloon Rides at Half Moon Bay
    Afternoon flight lessons are always an interesting experience for me, both thetemperature and wind speed pick up in the afternoons; makes for fun flying.Building on my last lesson inHayward where I was flyingsolo in Hayward's pattern, my instructor wanted to go elsewhere and solo there.After briefly considering Livermore, whichwas at... read more