Testing Puppet's custom facts with RSpec

As a long-time user of both Puppet and Jenkins, it should not be terribly surprising to readers that I'm creator of the most downloaded puppet-jenkins module on Puppet Forge.

Flying in severe clear to Monterey

Reunited with an old friend, the Ugly Duckling, I finish my engine start checklist and the Duckling roars alive. Unlike some of my lessons over the summer, the plane gives me no trouble starting up.

2014 European Tour

Update: I will unable to be in Yurp the entire month of February due to some changes in my work schedule :(

Airborne ass-kickings

We begin our descent towards Santa Rosa, lined up for runway 32 with strong headwinds and a warning of moderate turbulence from the tower.

The scratchiest neckbeard, or FreeBSD on my Thinkpad X200

Pulling my laptop out of my bag this past Friday, I was excited with the prospect of a good relaxing day of hacking on whatever I pleased. Having fulfilled the Thanksgiving family obligations, and negotiated an errand-free day with my wife, I was pretty excited about a full day of tinkering.

Climbing to 6,500ft, bravo!

Santa Rosa's current conditions are overcast with plenty of fog. The forecast and the weather brief confirm that it should start to clear up around 10-11am.

The cost of flight

After a week of utterly painful patience, my wife and I were finally able to get up in the air this morning, undertaking our first flight together with my new private pilot's license.

You start with a bag full of luck

One of my favorite aviation sayings is "you start with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck."

Can't do that buddy

Early on in my flight training I wrote that one of the most difficult aspects of the endeavour is summoning the strength to humbly, and realistically, self- assess your own performance.

12 months of burning avgas

One year ago today, my wife and I made the drive down to Hayward for the first time to take an introductory flight/bay tour with California Airways. My scheduled instructor for the flight was busy, and so another instructor picked up the flight.